APOTTC [A Place Of Things To Come].

[This site page too is sill undergoing construction as time allows. Some previews of what's to come are abbreviated in the following citations. As th e site develops, questions and other enquiries will be invited.].

Read excerpts -as from "Near To Forever" (ARRBA)-. Watch the related series with live and animated participants,  Hear their stirring ventures and outcomes. Download copies to archive. for Time Caposule  &   Holiday Scrolls  Disclosure gatherings.

''To conclude that time constrained stages of matter  -all being admittedly less than the  more enormous breadth of space-  has deterred stabilization and equilibrium within the presently unobservable regions., can be found to be as inexact as would be concluding that thought is somehow only a localized phenomenal manifestation. It is the stability within those more transcending breadths, that can 'impart' such certain -even to be achieved- precision of function, stability and purposiveness, to -and within- still organizing realms." Such precision and stabilizing factors and potentials ,are found functioning  amidst and undergirding all known forms of matter.-"

'"To state the enormity of that unobservable aspect of the cosmos; is not more determinative of ie origins, functions, dimensions, structure, content and  unqualifiable magnitude of all occurring throughout the cosmos, is  like saying the lesser is not regulated by the preceding greater.. Also, the consciousness and intellect required to grasp even a snippet of cosmic breadth and veracity, is no less present  and integrated throughout its indefinable limitlessness.
Human mind becomes as overwhelmed, as would a  fish in an ocean, were it able to perceive ocean's breadth and origins; since they did not derive from liquids, and those prior interactions, even as known, are beyond imagining. Even concluding cyclical or, non-beginnings; cannot delineate the nature of all relevant essentials of such possible prior occurrences. Such Infinitude is so transcendently encompassing; rhetorical words alone can never  diminish or erase the awe such considerations ever engender."


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